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I am frightened by your voice. My fear is that Blizzard/Activision can"screw the pooch" on Classic. It is what they have been performing for awhile in my opinion. That is they almost get it right, but then allow some fatal flaw, or two. Or more, to really kill their own production that  Gold in WoW Classic was nearly amazing (BfA). They are more a corporation than they had been in 1994. My expectation is they are letting Nostalrius along with other devoted technicians truly lead the job! In which case I have no doubt it will be most glorious! The greatest threat I perceive into the project and integrity of Classic as of now: battle. Lok'regar ogull.

This appetite for'first' and'greatest' is what has pushed and rushed development of new content, and slowly led to the passing of WoW Classic. It's a good feeling, however, I must admit, but it can be enjoyed in moderation. I would really like to go through the re-release of BC. The leveling was fun and interesting, and vanilla, BC, and Wrath were so good, and you actually looked forward into the game, and the JOURNEY. It is strictly end game. There will be a divide in the WoW Classic community. Many who have not played vanilla before will HATE it. Let us be honest, the last 4 expacs and BFA has spoiled us.

We can likely"never really go home again" but enjoying from the way you describe is a means to try. Multiple private realms and I have played and attempted the rush - and accomplished it. When you get to level cap and start to raid (generally with MC) you can certainly tire out. You won't be raiding all of the time. While there is a lot of additional content to concentrate on in vanilla aside from simply end game raiding the leveling up travel is one of the greatest sections of WoW Classic. The leveling journey in vanilla is well worth it, even for those that have 40 alts on retail and think they never want to level a character again. This is subjective and everybody differs, but imo - the min/maxing and rushing to get level cap will end in burn out and being tired running Molten Snore. Allow the travel come and also make some memories and perhaps a friend or two along the way.

Great hints - but I disagree with your breakdown of exactly what the casual player can enjoy. The initial 3 raids of WoW Classic are extremely straightforward and readily accessible to individuals with limited play time - whereas the PvP mill for ranks and equipment takes not just more time - but more time every week to compensate for honor decay. A casual player who only has a few hours a week will be able to enter Ubrs, ZG, as well as MC pugs - but only due to the sheer quantity of time it takes, they won't have the capacity to acquire gear or ranks during the Classic pvp system Buy WoW Classic Items.Well with the present shit show of the current game, I am actually excited about this. I played in vanilla but didn't play to its fullest, certainly begging na be a challenge but one that I anticipate big moment.

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