Please read and understand ALL of this post before posting a ban appeal. If you do not, your appeal will be denied, and you will be redirected here. Also be sure to read the post all the way through!

No one likes being banned, and amazingly, we don't like banning people! Bans, suspensions and restrictions may be placed on accounts, devices and IP's in the case of suspected or proven violations of our Terms & Conditions, which you agreed to by using the service and/or creating an account.

Types of bans

  • Website: This is for breaking our Terms & Conditions, and mostly applies to content violations in the various sections we offer, be it photos, comments, videos, etc. It's rare we use these in addition to chat bans, but it is possible. When you log-in to the site and have this ban, you will clearly see the reason and duration. 
  • Chat: Bans on chat may range from a temporary ban set by the system or a staff member, to longer bans set by admin. If your quit message contains mentions of "too many connections", or "throttled", that's not a ban - just stop trying to connect for a bit, and ensure you don't have multiple chat windows open.
    Whether the ban is from a single room, or the entire chat server, DON'T EVADE IT. In the event a mistake was made, we will identify it as part of investigating your appeal, if you have circumvented the ban in the meantime, you have broken our T&C's, irrespective of whether you did or did not originally.


Appealing a ban

NOTE: Our 'Contact Us' page, can be used by those banned from the website, and GUEST users banned from the chat server. If you have a registered account, don't use the 'Contact Us' page to appeal chat bans - they will be ignored.

  • Website ban: If you wish to appeal a website ban and you're unable to log-in to the site, visit contact us, and select the 'Website Ban Appeal' category.
    In 'Full name', type your registered username, email must match the one used to register your account. In the 'Message', copy/paste the message you saw when trying to log-in or access part of the site.
  • Chat bans: If you were banned from the chat rooms, you should receive a message (sometimes containing a reference number) when it disconnects you.
    Registered users: Create a forum thread a level back, under Ban Appeals for your own ban, and include the following information:
    - time/date of ban if known
    - username
    - paste the quit message containing the full ban message, attach any screenshots if necessary.
    Guest users: Use the contact us page, select the 'Guest Bans' category, and fill the fields as described below:
    - Full name: Enter the name you were using when banned, including the guest prefix, eg. guest-bob
    - Subject: Type 'room ban', or 'server ban', as relevant. (A server ban will disconnect you entirely).
    - Email: Should be a real one, that you can receive our response via.
    - Message: Copy/paste the ban message, including reference/id if given. If you were on chat at the time of the ban, provide the time and date. Add any other notes that are relevant.
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