As with our chat rooms, we liked to promote active, friendly conversations without disruption, abuse and harassment. The rules below must be adhered to; failure to follow them may result in forum access being removed, or service suspension.

  • Follow staff/moderator requests
  • Do not post content that is abusive, harassing, inappropriate or offensive.
  • English is the only permitted language on Chatterbox.
  • Post in relevant categories.
  • If a thread has a topic, please stick to it.
  • Do not 'bump' up, old threads.
  • If debating: address others with respect, do not post defamatory/libellous or inciting comments.
  • Do not spam/flood with posts, or advertise non-related services.



Please note, that the Chatterbox Forums are maintained by the Forum Moderation Team. If moderators feel that a post or thread violate any of the above rules or Chatterbox Standards, the offending post may be edited or deleted.


If you feel a forum post or user violates a rule, please use the report function. Allow sufficient time for a moderator to review and action if necessary. Don't get in to, or carry-on arguments across other areas of the Service.

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