If you require support for any part of the Chatterbox Service, this is the place to ask. Note - that if your issue involves a ban or suspension message, this is NOT the place to query or appeal it.
When requesting help, please use the following points to allow people to answer you efficiently:

  1. Please 'Search' for it first.
    Use the Forum's search function to see if the problem has been addressed before
  2. Be descriptive - don't use stupid, unhelpful thread titles.
    Please post a descriptive topic title! Give a short summary of the problem. Don't use attention-seeking subjects like "Help me!", "URGENT", etc...
  3. If a link is broken (clicking it doesn't take you to a page that exists), please inform us of the page you encountered it on by copy/pasting the URL from the address bar.
  4. If something looks buggy or doesn't display correctly, please follow the above, but also let us know what browser you're using, and on what kind of device and operating system - this will help us identify any bugs that might be specific to certain set-ups.
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