Here's our first call-to-arms to you, our community. First, please read this preamble for some context and reasoning: As a personal note, I started on UKChatterbox, in 2006, and became a moderator there a few months later. UKCB was predominantly a 16+ site, but it did have teen (13-17), and 18+ rooms also. Regardless of what room you were in, use of the C-word was a straight hour ban. F word (including masks and abbreviations, even FFS!) in 16+ was a kick then hour ban iirc.
That, however was over a decade ago - use of language especially online, evolves. UKChatters, before it became UKChat, still didn't allow swearing in 16+ rooms, as they felt it didn't fit in with being a family-friendly site, 18+ allowed swearing, but still no C-word. Then came UKChat (18+ ONLY), they initially allowed all swearing, then chatters in YoungAtHeart got upset, and the moderators started enforcing new swearing rules in there, across other rooms which naturally wound others up, for a time the C-word was banned, it went backwards and forwards but now, all profanity, including C-word, is allowed.

So the attached question is, "should swearing be allowed, are there limits, what actions do we take?" Nb. regardless of whether swearing is allowed, where it contravenes other rules such as abuse, harassment, hate speech, threatening language - it will be dealt with accordingly, so please consider that it could be allowed, but depending on context.

Opinions will vary, whether through age, regional differences, or how long one has been on social media or the internet for, which could desensitise people to the kind of language seen.


Poll: How will we treat profanity in the main public rooms?
April 20, 2020
How will we treat profanity in the main public rooms?

This poll is to gauge some general views on how profanity might be dealt with across the site (particularly the chat rooms).

Chatterbox is an 18+ site, but wishes to maintain a friendly environment, so the question is, does language you mostly wouldn't use in everyday conversation in public, need to be seen here?

We've looked at other social networks, including Facebook, which on Pages implements filters based on what users across the site report to be offensive. Matching words are hidden from

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