Chatterbox is written using the latest web technologies and clean, secure code conventions, and whilst we've extensively tested the site and it's features, nothing is fool-proof.
As a community, this is where we'd like our members to play an active role in reporting any errors or bugs encountered. Using this method, we can ensure issues are recorded properly, and patterns involving certain browsers, devices or operating systems can be identified and efficiently resolved.
   Bugs may be encountered across the main website, or in the chat rooms, and may range from minor grammatical/translation errors in type, to issues with something not working fully as expected, or worse case - not at all.

If you encounter a bug, please start your own thread in this Bug reports section, copy and paste the below template and fill/replace where relevant. Screenshots are welcome.

A brief description of the issue

Steps to reproduce:
If you have to do anything to trigger the error, post/upload something, describe it

Expected result:
What was the expected outcome of what you did/experienced versus what happened?

Source URL/Page:
Please paste the URL/address of the page from the address bar where you saw this

User environment:
Please fill this, as it allows us to elimate possible causes when issues may be only experienced on certain browsers, on certain Operating Systems, and on certain devices. If an issue becomes problematic for users on a particular browser, we may ask for the specifc version number later on.

Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Safari/Chrome, etc

Phone/Tablet (Inc. Brand/model) or Laptop/PC

Android Pie / Windows 10 / iOS / MacOS, etc

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